ADIF-Calc-KML Converter by DL2KI

dl2ki_ADIF2CALC_v22b.ods 16.02.2011

dl2ki_ADIF2KML_v02.ods 16.02.2011

When searching for a software for editing already logged data outside of the logging program, I came across the ECXEL solutions:

ADIF to Excel code by DL1HW and
Excel to KML code by simon_a with mods by ZL3DW (Andrew Barron)

In principle, the applications were in line with what I was looking for.

I have been looking already for some time for a project to start programming of Calc. Here seemed to be a good opportunity.

From this work, there came the presented Calc workbook. While working on the project there came always more and more ideas for possible use. The application is therefore not intended as a finished product but as a basis for those who also want to deal with the programming of an OpenOffice application and want to contribute their ideas in the application.

The workbook was created on Linux using version 3.2.0 and Windows XP Version 3.2.0.




Operating Notes and User Interface

ADIF data import

In the yellow box "working directory" the last selected path is stored by the program
. If the field is deleted before the import, Calc opens the file selection dialog, the Default directory.

Default header

The header specification meets the requirements of the logbook software used by me "CQRLog" by
There are 3 different default columns can be selected in the entry cell "D13" .


Input from users are to be made only on the first page, in the pale yellow shaded cells.
Some of the cells are deposited with selection lists.


nly records where the "grid square" is not empty and the content has a length of 4 or 6 characters will be exported.


The imported records in the worksheet "Log" are now available for further processing.

DL2KI, 01/2011